Medical Billing Services Boise, Idaho | on Demand Solutions
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    Payment Posting

    First, by rendering medical services into billable charges, On Demand ensures your data scrubbing and entry is done with accuracy.

  • 2
    Claims Submission

    Next, our team will submit these billable claims to insurance companies, to ensure your patients are charged properly.

  • 3
    Denial Management

    The billing team manages and works any denials from third party payors, and work through any addressable issues to reduce your time in accounts receivable.

  • 4
    Remittance Processing

    After the claims have been processed, On Demand will handle the posting of payments made on the billable charges for services rendered.

  • 5
    Third-Party Collections

    Lastly, On Demand will work with an appointed collection agency to help collect owed monies on delinquent accounts.

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