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Step Seven: Utilizing A Unique and Identifiable Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the seventh and final article in our ongoing blog series, The Pillars of Private Practice Success. Our series has focused on several key areas that are helpful when creating a successful and thriving practice—we’ll wrap this up with how you can connect with your ideal patient with value propositions and competitive advantages.

Identifying the Needs of Your Target Demographic

Step one in any effective marketing strategy is to identify the pain points of your demographic and how you can address those. You must focus on building marketing material around those needs with a message that resonates. Consider their questions or problems and how your practice can address those issues.

Create Value Propositions

An effective part of marketing is creating a value proposition. A value proposition is a simple statement that summarizes why a patient should choose you. This helps to establish credibility right from the very start. You must be prepared to deliver on all value propositions if you plan on maintaining those relationships and building trust.

A few tips to writing a good value proposition:

  • State all the benefits that your practice offers
  • Include information about what makes these benefits valuable
  • Clearly identify your patient’s primary problems or questions
  • Connect the value of your practice to the patient’s problem
  • Differentiate yourself from other providers—answer the question of why you stand out from the rest.

The truth is, every other practice is trying many of the same marketing strategies that you are. This begs the question; how do you establish a competitive advantage? You must take time to identify the ways that you are different from other providers. Some people rely on their personal stories, their education or experience, or special offerings that other providers simply don’t have.

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Strengths in Economy of Scale

When you’re creating your marketing strategy, you’ll quickly see that there’s benefit in partnering with existing groups. These groups provide immediate access to their established resources. For example, On Demand is part of this community’s long-standing in the professional medical network. We know people, and we know the value of connecting the right people at the right time. Working with us can help you gain credibility and capability in a saturated marketing.

Choose to Work with Us

On Demand is in the business of helping providers just like you create and maintain a thriving medical practice. There is so much that goes into streamlining the functions, and we know that you’re a busy professional. As we close out The Pillars of Private Practice Success, we want to leave you with the invitation to work with us to get your practice up and running, streamlined, or higher functioning. We look forward to working with you to help you better serve your patients!

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