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Step Four: Attract Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff

Welcome to the fourth article in our ongoing blog series, The Pillars of Private Practice Success. So far, we have covered a significant amount of ground, including the importance of a successful business plan, the value of a well-vetted revenue cycle management team, and establishing a strategic location and medical equipment sourcing.

Today, we will discuss an equally imperative task when it comes to building your private practice: attracting clinical and non-clinical staff. It can’t be understated how critical it is that your team is cohesive with your goals. Additionally, the team should bring experience and skills that best serve your patients. Let’s go over some of the tips for making sure you attract the right people to your team.

What to Look for in New Hires

When it comes to hiring new people, it’s critical that you work through the selection process with a mind for the bigger picture. This means making sure that you hire people who not only have the clinical skills your practice requires, but also adheres to your core values and how you want to serve your patients.

Consider the KSAO theory approach to interviewing: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Other characteristics. You want to be sure that the folks you choose for your staff (both clinical and non-clinical) are exceptional in their field, can work well with others, and become cohesive members of your team.

Recruiting the Best Health Care Candidates

Once you have outlined all of the appropriate skills for the position and have your ideal candidate in mind, it can be challenging to figure out how to make sure that your job vacancy gets noticed by the right people. There are several different approaches that companies use to help recruit the ideal candidate. This can include posting to online forums such as Indeed or other job boards. Depending on your needs, you may also consider recruiting with colleges or universities. Some companies find success by working with staffing agencies that are specifically tailored to their needs. The most important part of your recruiting strategy is identifying where your ideal candidate would be looking and starting there. Don’t be afraid to revise your approach to find the best solution.

Step Four: Attract clinical and non-clinical staff | The Pillars of Private Practice Success

Make Your Independent Practice a Place People Want to Be

If you want the best of the best, you have to be the best. What we mean by that is that you have to be willing to offer a harmonious workplace and other incentives that make people proud of the work they do. You should certainly pay fairly and have a quality benefits package, but it’s important to go beyond its financial aspect. Consider non-financial incentives to offer your staff, such as health and wellness programs, team-building projects, and other ways that connect your team that will motivate them to show up to work every day.

Conveying Your Core Values to Find Matching Staff

Your company should have a clearly defined mission statement and core values that identify your brand. Of course, simply stating these doesn’t go far enough. You want to find people who can deliver on your mission and ensure that your vision is carried out in everything the organization does. It is crucial to be straightforward and deliberate about telling your story. Do not shy away from your story, but make sure that you discuss it in job postings and media interviews. Additionally, make sure to ask a few questions during a potential employee’s interview process that get into their core values to see if they are a match for your company.

Hiring Can Be a Tedious Process

The people that you choose to be part of your practice will ultimately shape the future of it. That’s why it’s increasingly important that you properly recruit, interview, hire, and train the people responsible for your practice's everyday functioning. If this sounds like a tedious process, it certainly is. Your time is valuable, and we understand that it may not always be feasible to invest the time and energy that this process requires. That’s where we come in.

How On Demand Helps Reach Your Hiring Goals

You’re a busy medical professional with limited time. Recruitment and hiring take time, and you can’t afford to approach the process half-heartedly. Fortunately, you don’t have to. On Demand works to make starting your practice as streamlined as possible.

We do this by offering various practice management services, including helping you attract the right people. We have extensive interviewing experience, and we can assist with unique staffing requirements. This experience has afforded us the knowledge necessary to complete this process through consulting recommendations. Additionally, we can perform the entirety of the processes, ranging from recruitment to onboarding, on your behalf.

Allow us to work with you to maximize efficiencies and develop your team. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Let’s work together to your practice up and running at its fullest potential.

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